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Friday 27th May 2022  

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Quorndon and Neighbourhood Horticultural Society - 1874

A report on the annual show, curiously dismissive of what seems to have been a horrific accident in which several children were badly hurt.

Loughborough Advertiser - July 30th 1874

The second annual exhibition of the Quorndon and Neighbourhood Horticultural Society – which comprises the parishes of Quorndon, Barrow, Mountsorrel, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, and Woodthorpe, took place on Tuesday, in Mr W Chapman’s field, kindly placed at the disposal of the committee for the occasion. The entries were not so numerous as last year, but some excellent specimens – especially of vegetables- were staged; considering the season has not been a favourable one, the weather having interfered much with the growth. Besides the specimens for competition, there was a beautiful display of greenhouse plants, ferns, &c kindly lent for exhibition from the establishments of W P Herrick Esq, E Warner Esq, Mrs Hole and Mrs Cradock: and also several good specimens of different plants, flowers, fruits &c., not for competition, by J Tacey, Esq., Mr P Wright, junr., and others, all of which enhanced the beauty of the show.

Besides the prizes offered by the society, there were several ‘specials’ offered by ladies and gentlemen of the district, and with the exception of those offered by Mr Hole for a collection of fruit and vegetables, all were warmly competed for.

The weather was showery, which operated against the attendance of visitors, which we regret to say, was not nearly so large as last year, and the receipts at the gate were about £10 less. Amongst the company in the early part of the day, were many of the gentry and clergy of the district, including E Warner, Esq., Mrs and Miss Cradock, and Mrs J H Paget, Rev R Stammers and Mrs Ainsley, Mrs Hayes, Rev R Walker, J Tacey Esq., W W Goode, Esq., and Mrs Goode, H J Crossley, J Webster Esq, P Wright, junr., Esq., &c. The school children of the district were admitted at a nominal fee, and many availed themselves of the treat.

In addition to the performances of the Loughborough Handbell Ringers, there were two brass bands engaged – The Quorndon Brass Band (under the leadership of Mr J Disney); and the Woodhouse Brass Band (leader Mr T Woodford), which played the following music:- March “Grand Triumphal Parade”, Metcalf; Selection, “Contented Bob”, Clay; Glee, “Fill the Shining Goblet”, Parry: Galop, “Royal Escort”, Metcalf; Selection “Rally Boys,” (on popular melodies) Clay; Grand Selection, “Popular Airs”, Clay; Glee, “Mynheer Van Dunck;” Overture, “Tancredi” Rosini; Fantasis, “The Court Minstels,” Metcalf; Galop, “Restless Nights”.

Refreshments were supplied of on the ground by Mr Amos Ratcliffe, of the Old Oak inn, Mr Farmer of the Royal George, and confectionery and tea by Mr Ella, all of Loughborough.

In the evening, a large number engaged in dancing to the music by the bands, and all appeared to enjoy the holiday, which seemed to be general throughout the district.

We regret to record one mishap which occurred during the evening, when the stage upon which the bell-ringers were stationed gave way, and broken down with a crash just as they were playing. Unfortunately, too, there were several children underneath at the time, and three of them were hurt, two it is feared seriously, one having his thigh broken. With these exceptions all passed off well.

 Submitted on: 2011-10-23
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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