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Sunday 24th September 2023  

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River mystery at Quorn

Loughborough Monitor and News - 30th June 1910.

On Saturday the body of an unknown man was recovered from the River Soar at Quorn. An inquest was held at the White Horse Hotel by the Coroner for North Leicestershire (Mr H J Deane) on Monday morning.

The Coroner said the body evidently had been in the water so long that he did not think it safe to order a doctor to make a post-mortem examination. It was by no means certain that death was due to drowning, for there were two deep cuts on the throat, and a number of bruises on the head. The cut in the throat suggested suicide, but the man might have been set on and murdered.

PC Thornton said he was called to the River Soar on Saturday afternoon, and near the gasworks saw the body of a man floating in the water. With assistance witness recovered the body. There were no drags, and witness used a brick tied to a rope for the purpose.

The Coroner remarked that there should be something in the nature of drags kept at the village on account of the long river frontage. Continuing, PC Thornton said the man was apparently about 30 years of age, 5ft 7in or 8in in height. There were two deep cuts in the throat. Witness found a pocket book in a jacket pocket, containing the name and address "Charles O'Hara, Peel Street". Reading from the pocket book the Coroner found the lines-:

"Wait and see, watch and pray, things may happen any day".

In the book were also the names of race horses and streets, the latter of which it was suggested by a juryman were Nottingham streets. Mr Deane also showed what was evidently a wages envelope, with the name "O'Hara" and "3d 6d" written on it in pencil. There were also two Church Army lodging house receipts bearing the numbers 23195 and 12183. The first was a receipt for 6d from "Mr O'Hara" for one night's lodging in cubicle 18 on March 28th last and the second for 1s for two nights in the same cubicle.

Both receipts bore the signature "J W.," officer in charge. It was stated by a juryman that there was a Church Army Labour Home in Peel Street, Nottingham.

The Coroner said that was all the evidence he had to place before a jury, and all he could do was to direct them to return a verdict to the effect that an unknown man was found in the River Soar. The jury found accordingly.

 missing information Missing information: A real mystery here, can anyone throw any light on who this might have been?
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