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Saturday 16th October 2021  

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Quorn House Cricket Club - book of appreciation given to William Farnham in 1888

One of Quorn’s most significant characters in the 1880s and 1890s was William Farnham who was the owner of Quorn House and its estate. He was a genial and generous man who spent money freely on many ‘projects’ both inside and outside the village. One of these was to provide a cricket field, equipment and a state of the art pavilion within the grounds of Quorn House for the village cricket team. Many local men belonged to the team and one of the keenest of these was Tom Firr, the famous Quorn Huntsman.

To express their appreciation, the Cricket Club presented William Farnham with an ornately illuminated bound book, as evidence of their deep gratitude.

The book was kindly loaned to the museum by George Farnham (William’s grandson) in 2011. It has been photographed and is attached as a PDF document.

Sadly William had not got the judgement of his father Edward Basil Farnham, and over-stretched himself to the extent, that he went bankrupt in 1893. The estate was sold and Quorn House was purchased by William’s younger brother George Francis Farnham. George Francis abandoned the idea of keeping a cricket pitch, and much to the dismay of many villagers and members of his family, used the fine pavilion as a shelter for cattle.

The Quorn names of members at the back of the book are:
John Adcock Jnr
G W Baker (Deputy Captain)
J Beardsmore
J J Bolesworth
G Brewin
F H Brunton
George Cooke (Committee Member)
James S Cuffling (Committee Member)
J Darker
A Disney
F Facer
W Fewkes
J Firr
Tom Firr (Captain)
H Gamble
D Hack
W H Inglesant
J Lowe
C J McNeill (Quorn House)
F Mee
J Mee
H Orson
W Orson
J Reeves
J Rumsby
J Sanders Jnr
A Sault
H W Sharpe
E Smith
Robert Thompson (Committee Member)
A Turlington
G Waddington
G Walker
George White (Hon Sec)
R W Winters

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 Submitted on: 2011-08-30
 Submitted by: George Farnham
 Artefact ID: 1388

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