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Wednesday 4th October 2023  

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Jubilee celebrations - animated scenes - 1935

Loughborough Echo - 10th May 1935

Jubilee celebrations - animated scenes.

Quorn, Mountsorrel and Rothley kept the Jubilee right well. Quorn began with a celebration of the Holy Communion preceded by a peal of bells. By 7am there was football in New Quorn - Sarson street playing Castledine street, and the orders for the day issued by the NQ Barracks, and posted on a lamp post at the corner, caused much amusement, including, as they did, full dress parade, elbow drill, foot inspection, and massed band concerts.

Just outside the Church at 7am, father, mother and family, not to mention all the neighbours, scraped with spade, trowel, and dinner knife at a dray, on which later on they took a prize as "The Four Seasons".

All over the village were flags, known flags and unknown flags, mostly Union Jacks, some of them being right side up, but some, forgetting the old tag "Red to the mast, true to the last," being displayed upside down.

The prize for position must really be given to Mr George Evans, whose high aerial mast in Farnham street carried a gaily flying Union Jack for a whole week. Goodness knows how he got it there, but it could be seen directly one left either Loughborough or Barrow.

One or two householders, greatly daring, displayed a Royal Standard, while those who were too late, had to put up with paper flags or disused Christmas stuff.

As far as street decorations were concerned, Freehold street was generally considered to bear away the bell, for it was not only well flagged, but at an early hour the residents of both sexes thoroughly swept it from end to end. All these remarks, however, would probably apply equally well to any village anywhere.

At 10 o'clock the children of Quorn met at the Village Hall, where Mrs Farnham, of Quorn House, handed each child a copy of the King's Jubilee book, the Jubilee committee deciding to differ from most other committees, who gave their children mugs or medals. Rothley and Mountsorrel made presentations of souvenirs to their children, Mr Lindsay Everard, MP., presenting medals to the Rothley children.

Quorn and Rothley had united services attended by all in the open air. All three places had sports, Quorn and Rothley also having a fancy dress parade, at which some original costumes were displayed.

All three places gave teas to old and young, but Mountsorrel was one up on its two neighbours at last, for it alone had a bonfire, neither Quorn nor Rothley boasting sufficiently high ground for such a purpose, though all three had plenty of dancing and band playing.

Each village had a strong and representative committee, all of whom worked hard, and can have had no cause to regret their labours.

The celebrations at Mountsorrel included the holding of a tea and whist drive, organised by the committee for the new Social Institute and held in the Rock Cinema. Over 170 persons sat down to tea, and there were 31 tables at the drive, over which Messrs A Holmes and A Sanderson presided as M.C.'s.

The prizes were presented by Mrs Markham of Quorn, as follows: - Ladies: 1, Mrs H Perkins, 174; 2, Miss M Tacey, 173; 3, Mrs Emery, 172; 4, Mrs D Burritt, 171; 5, Mrs G Preston, 170. Gents: 1, Mr Moore, 178; 2, Mr Lowe, 176; 3, Mr Bradford, 175; 4, Mr S Walker, 174; 5, Mr W E Bunce, 170.

The Chairman of the Barrow Rural District Council (Mr G A Burton JP) attended the tea, and gave the loyal toast.

In the evening there was a dance with the Florella Band playing and a large attendance.

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