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Friday 9th December 2022  

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Quorn's Carnival Week For The Hospitals - 1947

Loughborough Monitor - 17th July 1947

An intensive week of efforts of all kinds, to suit all tastes, was the programme of Quorn Hospitals' Committee in their endeavour to raise 200 for Loughborough and Leicester Hospitals.

The Parish Church on Sunday, supported the fund by collections which amounted to 7 16s., and in the afternoon the United Free Churches musical festival in High-street Methodist Church realised 16 3d 4d.

Mr Tomlyn was MC for a whist drive in the Village Hall on Monday, and an old-time dance organised by the joint men's and women's sections of the British Legion with Mr W Pepper as MC., was held on Tuesday. A further 12 was raised on Wednesday by a dancing display in the Village Hall.

Sport was to have dominated the programme on Thursday, but owing to the weather, a cricket match was postponed. The bowls tournament on the Quorn Mills Park was carried through.

A rummage sale, which Mr Field arranged on Friday, realised 7 11s., to which was added 18 5s., the result of Mrs Field's effort at home.

Costume Parade
The climax of the week was the costume parade and coronation of the carnival 'Queen' on Saturday. The parade assembled on The Green, where the 'Queen', Miss June Hincks was "crowned" by Mr W F Bent Beardsley, who was introduced by the chairman of the Hospital Fund Committee, Mr W S Swinfield. Miss Hincks wore an ivory heavy silk gown with a ruched neck line, and carried a bouquet of red and white carnations. Her attendants were Mrs Parkinson, and Misses Doreen Smart, Pauline Gartshore and Mary Brown each carrying pink and blue cornflower bouquets.

Headed by Sileby Town Silver Prize Band, the entrants in the costume and decorated turnouts joined in the procession round the village to Stafford Lodge paddock (lent by Mr A Tailby), where a fete was in progress.

A special feature was the May Queen, Edith Mitchell, who was crowned by Mrs Beardsley.

Dr and Mrs Unitt, Mr and Mrs D Smalley, Mr and Mrs C Roberts, Mrs Lee, Mr and Mrs Beardsley, Miss Bassford, and Mr and Mrs Campion undertook the task of judging the entrants, and the following awards were made:

Children up to 10 years: 1 Janet Toone (Alice in Wonderland), 2 Mary Lacey and John Lacey (bride and bridegroom), 3 Jean Kent (crinoline lady).
Children 10-16 years: 1 Light Sunshine, 2 Audrey James (South Sea Islander), 3 Patricia Bonser (dark sunshade)
Ladies: 1 Mrs Hosier (rambler rose), 2 Mrs Brown (bathing belle), 3 Old-fashioned lady.
Gentlemen: 1 T Long (red devil), 2 W Norman (minstrel boy)
Best decorated vehicle: J Fortescue (old motor cycle)
Turnouts: 1 Quorn Bell Ringers (old stage coach), 2 "Old Bill", 2 Betty Bonser (highwayman)
Character couples: 1 Miss Stevenson and Mrs Plenty (old English lady and gent), 2 Misses Wisehall and Thomson (cowboy and girl), 3 Mrs Burton and Mr Reeves (18th century couple), 4 Ruby Towell (Old Mother Riley)

There were side shows and amusements for the children, and at intervals selections were played by the band. A treasure hunt was won by Mr Jackson and Mrs B Thurman.

Baby Show
The baby show was judged by Dr Ruth McLeod, of Loughborough, who made the following awards: Under 6 months, 1 Anthea Lockwood, 2 Glenda Spink, 3 Christine Gee; 6-12 months, 1 Warren Vandersyde, 2 Eileen Noon, 3 Margaret Prickett; 1-2 years, 1 Patricia Lewin, 2 Judith Gamble, 2 Kay Francis.

In the ankle competition judged by Mr Padmore, the awards were: 1 Miss Brown, 2 Miss Horsley, 3 Miss Taylor.

Mr T A Ruxton, headmaster of the C.E School, had charge of the children's sports, the results of which were:-
Junior boys 3-legged race: A Wastnage and J Halewood; girls, A James and Stella Turner. Sack race, boys, Alan Wastnage; girls, Brenda Sutton. Egg and Spoon race: girls, Pauline Hudson, boys, N Walker. Potato race: girls, Brenda Sutton, boys, N Walker.
Seniors: Sack race: boys Brian Thornton; girls, Jean Robertson.
Potato: boys: John Gatehouse, girls, Shelia Guess.
3-legged race: boys, David Bentley and Brian Thornton; girls, Barbara Preston and Ruby Towell.

The prizes were distributed by the "Queen". A dance was held in the Village Hall to close the week.

Hand-made "crown"
Of special interest was the "crown" used by the Queen, which was hand-made by Mr Emerson (a member of the committee) in brass, studded with "jewels" and lined with red velvet. The committee also received the gift of a whit satin cushion trimmed with gold cord and sequins for carrying the crown.

The winners of the various competitions were: Doll (given and dressed by Mrs Bowler), M Dakin (Stapleford); Donald Miller, M G Mitchell, A Holmes, A Fletcher (Loughborough), Mr Morris (Leicester), Mrs Barker (Loughborough), J James, Mr Cooper (Beeston), G Goodacre, Mr Lowesby (Zouch), Mrs Somerville (Sileby), - Bowler, Mrs Rattray (Melton Mowbray), G Bellars, Mrs Stevenson, J K Morris (Loughborough), Mr Whiteman (Barrow-on-Soar), Mrs Pearse (Woodhouse Eaves), Mr Bradshaw (Loughborough), F Parks (Quorn Camp), and Mrs Taylor.

Mr J Field was the organising secretary, supported by the committee.

The photograph shows Miss June Hincks, Quorn's Carnival Queen, in conversation after her crowning on Saturday, with ladies of grandma's day - Messrs B Hope, D Walton, and B Towell.

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