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Wednesday 18th May 2022  

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Quorn Fire Service - Copies of notes made by J Ward from manuscripts lent by Mr D Hack

These notes were provided by Don Wix. They were gathered as part of the research for ‘Bygone Quorn in Photographs’ in the 1980s

Memorandum – 2nd January 1865
Quorndon Fire Engine Brigade

James Holmes – Engineer
Joseph Bates – Engineer

List for working the Engine-pump
William Phipps
William Johnson
Joseph Sharpe
John Hallam 1867
Edward Pearson
James Disney
John Adcock
Edward Stocks (Junior)

Rules of Payment
The two Engineers Salary 15s each per annum [75p].
The Engineers pay when extinguishing a Fire is for the 1st hour 3s [15p] each and for the two next hours 1s [5p] per hour each and 6s [2.5p] per hour each afterwards during the working of the Engine –

The 8 men to pump the Engine, when extinguishing a Fire, their payment is, for the 1st hour 1s [5p] each and 6d [2,5p] per hour afterwards during the working of the Engine – and on proving the Engine 9d [4p] every time it is proved.

Memorandum – 28th February 1865
On Quorndon Fire-Engine house and house of detention together, to cover these with One Chamber over the whole – would make a Public Room of 15ft by 22ft, on the outside, and by extending the west-end of 4ft to cover over the foot-road, and supporting this said extension on pillars. £40 cost. The said Room should be divided by a partition of Sliding-boards in its middle, so as to make either one or two compartments, as occasion required – One room to be appropriated for use of the Quorndon Local Board, and also for the Gentleman’s Reading Room, of their Society – and the other open to the commonality admitted upon the payment of 1 shilling [5p] per year; this 2nd room to be supplied with the Newspapers second-hand gratuitously from the 1st class room. No rent to be paid or demanded from the aforesaid parties for the use of the Town-Rooms. But other Clubs might hire the use of the said Room by the year (for 10d) for the occasional meetings of their Committees, and being careful to arrange their times of meeting in the most convenient vacancies.

 Submitted on: 2011-08-06
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman in conjuction with Don wix
 Artefact ID: 1364

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