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Friday 27th May 2022  

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Quorn Parish Council

Loughborough Echo 4th December 1936

The monthly meeting of the Quorn Parish Council was held on Tuesday, Mr. T.C. Dexter presiding.

Some discussion took place regarding the proposals of the Estates Committee to remove the yew tree which stands in the Village Hall grounds.

Mr. Price thought there had been enough sentimental talk about the tree, which was definitely in the way, and should be removed.

Mr. Draper, who represents the Council on the Roads and Bridges Committee of the County Council, further said that the matter of the proposed traffic island would be favourably considered, provided the Quorn Council supply a lamp.

The meeting authorised Mr. Draper to say that a lamp would be supplied if the County Council would supply the island.
The report of the Estates Committee suggested that the yew tree be first lopped and then taken down by the roots. The report was adopted, with one dissentient.

Mr. Draper said he would not vote for the tree being removed. “I think it should be taken to a parish meeting,” he said. “To me it is vandalism to uproot a tree for a modern juggernaut that wants to go with as little inconvenience as possible.”

Mr. Emerson said he did not want to lose the tree, but for efficiency and safety he thought it should come down.
Mr. Green said he had interviewed Mr. C. Lyle, of the Rural Communities Council, as to the possibility of a grant from King George’s Fund, for the improvement of Stafford Orchard. Mr. Lyle had replied that, if wished, he would meet the Council to discuss the matter, and the proposal was welcomed by the Council.

Mr. Draper moved that a letter of thanks be sent to the anonymous donor of the new electrically controlled clock in the Village Hall.

Mr. Green said that if the letter was sent to him, he would see that the donor received it.

A letter was read from Mr. Victor Gamble, secretary of the Quorn Wesleyan F.C., asking leave to make and entrance charge to Stafford Orchard, for cup matches only’ children always to be admitted free. If this permission were not given, all cup matches would have to be played away.

The Chairman: I am surprised at such a letter; we made it quite clear that under no conditions whatever could a charge be made for entrance. I am sorry for the club, but they know the position.”

The clerk was instructed to reply that no charge could ever be made for admission to Stafford Orchard.

A letter was read from the Ministry of Health authorising the Council to make any reasonable rate for Coronation expenses.

Mr. Smith said it was a very belated communication; had it come earlier, the Council might have been saved a lot of trouble.

The resolution to pay an account sent in by the Fire Brigade led to some discussion.

The Chairman said that the existing brigade would disband at the end of the year. – Mr. Smith thought that a nucleus of two or three men should be retained to inspect hydrants, etc., and five confidence to the village.

Mr. Emerson supported; next to gas masks, he thought the prevention of fire was of first importance and it was necessary to have a few men who knew the positions of the hydrants.

It was agreed that the Estates Committee attend to the matter.

The following were present: Mr. T.C. Dexter (chairman), Mr. W.S. Green (vice-chairman), Messers. F. Draper, J.H. Price, W. Swinfield, J.G. Emerson, W.H. Bream, C. Smith, W. Seagrave and Hillier Northage (clerk).

 Submitted on: 2011-07-14
 Submitted by: Christine Sibcy
 Artefact ID: 1312
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