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Saturday 16th October 2021  

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Quorn Council and brook to be cleaned - 1934

Loughborough Echo - 17th August 1934

A meeting of the Quorn Urban District Council was held in the Council Chamber of the Village Hall on Tuesday when the following were present: Mr J J Stirling (in the chair), Messrs F Draper, L Ward, J Orton, H Smith, T C Dexter, W S N Toller, W H Bream, and C E Bream, also Mr A P Crawshaw, inspector, Mr G C White, collector, and Mr G W Lloyd James, clerk and surveyor.

The chairman alluded to the recent death of Mrs Tyler, the caretaker of the Village Hall and her valued services in that capacity, the meeting standing to her memory. The clerk was directed to send a message of condolence to Mr Tyler.

The collector announced the following collections: General rate, £447 3s 11d; water charges, £60 15s; housing rents £10 5s.

The medical officer reported two cases of scarlet fever, one of which had been isolated; one case of influenzal pneumonia and one of tubercular glands in the neck. There had been one death, a man aged 63, and two male births. Mr Crawshaw reported that all complaints had been attended to. No food had been declared unfit for human consumption and the household refuse collecting was well in hand. He had inspected the Townlands houses in Church-lane with regard to the proposal to convert the closets to the water system, and reported that there was no difficulty in the way of doing so. The mangolds on the sewerage farm promised to be a record crop.

Water consumption had been 1,747,000 gallons against 2,066,000 for the corresponding period in 1933.

A ratepayer had applied for a rebate in his water rate on the plea that he had restricted the use of the hose pipe in his garden. This last matter led to some discussion. Mr Smith claimed that at least one tenth of the water paid for by the average ratepayer was not used. There ought to be a water meter in every house that payed the rate.

Mr Draper: "It is quite expensive enough to have gas meters. If the letter is not signed I donít see that we need take any notice of it."

The Chairman: "I certainly would not sanction any rebate".

Mr Ward: "I move that we donít entertain the idea; I donít suppose the owner of the hose pipe has been any more economical than many a cottager."

Mr Smith seconded and the proposal was carried.

Col. Toller asked the inspector how often it was necessary to empty the cesspools. Mr Crawshaw said that there were now only a few in the district, and as they were on farms the owners emptied them when necessary.

Col. Toller: "I asked the question because something like sewerage is coming down the Poulteney brook. There is clearly disinfectant in it."

Mr Crawshaw said he would examine into the cause.

The surveyor reported that the brook had been cleaned out during the recent holidays and the bottom of the brook had been much improved. He had called the attention of the County Council to certain cracks in the arches of the bridge on the Leicester-road and these had been pointed up. He recommended the removal of the old weir under Messrs Wright and Sons factory, as this was no longer of any practical use, and moreover, caused a silting up of rubbish. The cleaning of the brook from the factory to School-lane was now in progress. He was of opinion that the cleaning of Poulteney brook was desirable, and, after some discussion as to asking the owners on either side of the brook to contribute to its cleaning, it was decided that a letter be sent asking each of these to contribute to the cost of cleaning the brook, the work to be done by the Council. It was also agreed to ask Messrs M Wright and Sons to move the old weir; also to open the gates of the new weir from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night.

Mr Draper brought up the question of the heap of sludge placed by the County Council men in School-lane. It was not a satisfactory state of things, as children were constantly playing about there. It was agreed to write to the County Council about it and Mr Draper was asked to bring it up at the meeting of the Roads and Bridges Committee.

It was agreed to accept the Gas Company's estimate for street lights of 42/3 per lamp for the lighting season; also to erect a lamp in Cradock-avenue, one in Elms-drive and one in Forest-road. No present action to be taken with regard to Warwick-avenue.

At this point Mr Ward warned the Council against spending more on lights than the estimate for the year allowed, and against moving too fast.

The Chairman: "It is a sign of progress."

Mr W H Bream: "The residents are ratepayers and have a right to ask for light."

In response to suggestions from P.C. Norman and complaints from Mr R Otter, it was agreed to have a later light on the Royal Oak as soon as arrangements could be made with the Gas Company. It was decided to apply for the light until midnight.

A letter was read from Mr J Tyler resigning the post of hall keeper, and it was agreed to advertise the post.

A letter was read from the Wembley U.D.C regarding the performance of copyright music in Village Halls, and the protection of composers in this matter. While promising to support the action taken by the Wembley Council, the meeting was of opinion that the lessee of the Hall of the time of the performance is alone responsible for any breach of copyright.

A specimen receptacle for rubbish, sent by Advertising Services, Ltd., was inspected. The clerk said that such receptacles, to be attached to lamp-posts, would cost the Council nothing, indeed there would be a small revenue as the Council would receive 15 per cent of the advertisement fee - referred to the Highways Committee.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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