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Local Board - 1864

Minutes of the Quorndon Local Board - 1st August 1864

Note that Quorndon Local Board came into being in 1864 as a result of the Public Health Act 1848 and the Local Government Act 1858. It was succeeded in 1894 when Quorndon Urban District Council was formed.

At a meeting of the Board held in the Reading Room on Monday morning, August 1st 1864 at 10 o'clock.

Present: Mr W Chapman, Mr Briggs, Mr Thompson, Mr Chapman, Mr Warner, E B Farnham Esq, Mr Inglesant, Mr Tacey.

Mr Warner in the chair.

1. It was resolved unanimously that that Minutes of the last meeting be confirmed.

2. It was resolved that the Deed of Conveyance of the land in Stoop Lane from the Board to Mr William Chapman be now signed by five members, and the Seal of the Board affixed. Mr Chapman now tendering the purchase money, twelve pounds three shillings as per Resolution 5 of May 16th last.

3. It was Resolved that the Quorn part of the Wood (?) Bridge over the River Soar from Barrow to Mountsorrel be painted, the Surveyor to make the arrangement; and that the Surveyor with Mr Chapman, Mr Briggs and Mr Thompson form a committee to inspect the paved approach and road leading thereto and report.

4. The Cart road out of Stoop Lane into Mr Chapman's field being made too narrow by the putting down of the iron hand gate and slip, it was Resolved that on Mr Chapman giving his written consent for the gate-post to be set back close to the garden fence, that the Surveyor be empowered to see to it.

5. It was Resolved that a cheque for eight pounds be given to the Surveyor to pay Mr Tacey 2.0.0 owing to him for work for work performed in Woodhouse Lane, to pay Howe's bill for paving and for the current expenses of the ensuing month.

 Submitted on: 2011-02-13
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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