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Friday 9th December 2022  

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Victory Effort by Quorn British Legion - 1945

Loughborough Echo - 20th July 1945

The Quorn and District Branch of the British Legion held a victory effort on Saturday. Through the kindness of Mr Tailby, it was held in the paddock of Stafford Lodge. The proceedings began with a parade of fancy dress headed by the bugle band of the Loughboro' Naval Cadets, led by Sub. Lieut. R Langrish.

Before starting, the Carnival Queen, Miss Judy Dorman was crowned by Mr W S Green, chairman of the branch. The Queen was attended by her maids of honour, Misses D Smart, D Birkin, J [Joyce] Burton and P Gartshore, all being conveyed in Mr W Pepper's wagon drawn by a fine Suffolk Punch, led by Mr Pepper himself in John Bull dress.

Prizes were awarded to the fancy dresses by Mr C Thomson, Mr and Mrs Collyer and Mr Goode as follows: Class 1: Dress Suit, Jean Percival; Miner, Michael Smart; Red Cross Nurse, Brenda Vickers; Golliwogs, Allan Ball and Raymond Hardy; Hussar, Beverley Taylor.

Ages 10 to 16: The Doctor, John Lees; Skating Girl, K Morgan; Chinese Girl, Audrey James; Coon, John Fortescue; Fairy, Georgina Allen.

Adult women: Ghandi, Mrs Sykes, Old English Lady, Miss C Stevenson.

Adult, men: Policeman, C Ward; Horse and Trap, J Stafford.

Decorated prams: "There'll always be an England," Mrs J Sewell.

Decorated dray: "Advance Britannia", Miss Vera Shuttlewood and party.

Amongst the attractions was a baby show, at which the judges, Mrs Collyer and Nurse Philip, awarded prizes to baby Keith Grant (one to six months) and baby Tony Waterfield (six to 18 months).

There was a good entry for the ankle competition and the judge, Mr C Thomson, gave the prize to Mrs Walter Mee.

A tent for giving horticultural advice was run by the County W.A.E.C and darts, Skittles, penny rolling etc., were well patronised. Tea and refreshments were supplied by a large number of ladies of the W.V.S and others, and the old morality play of Punch and Judy attracted crowds.

Altogether the Quorn and District Branch of the British Legion are to be congratulated on a good show, which raised upwards to 100, to be divided between the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the Legion Benevolent Fund

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