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Death of Mr W S Swinfield of Quorn - 1968

Loughborough Echo - 29th November 1968

The death occurred last week of Mr William Shield Swinfield, at his home, 17 Mansfield-street, Quorn, a few days before his eightieth birthday.

Mr Swinfield will be sadly missed in Quorn since he devoted the whole of his life to the service of the village. During his seventy-nine years there is hardly one village organisation that did not benefit from his assistance and tireless work. He leaves a wife, Lois, and one married son, Mr Stan Swinfield, who lives nearby. Mr Swinfieldís health had been failing rapidly for the past three years and it was a bitter disappointment to him when he had to give up his village work.

One of his last active offices was as a member of the Quorndon Parish Council from which he retired six months ago. He had been a member of the council since 1935 and had a 94 percent attendance record for the 905 meetings to which he had been summoned. He was a past council chairman and was one of the councilís representatives on the National Parish Council Association.

To mark his service to the council, he was presented with an illuminated address three months ago. The present council chairman, Mr B M Law, said that the council wished to express the thanks of the whole village for his lifetime of service to the village.

Long service trophy
For 40 years Mr Swinfield was secretary of the Quorn Allotment Society and had been presented with a long service trophy. He was a trustee of the Quorn Town Lands Charity and a committee member of the Blooming Rose Lodge of Oddfellows. Another of his activities was the local branch of the Friends of Markfield.

Mr Swinfield had been a keen sportsman all his life. For many years he was a football referee and had been secretary of the old Quorn Havelock Football Club and had also been connected with the village cricket club and the Methodist football club. He was an active bowls player and had won many trophies at Quorn Mills Park Bowls Club where he had been captain on a number of occasions. Among his numerous other activities were the church choir and bellringing.

Native of Quorn
Mr Swinfield was born in Quorn, in Leicester-road and educated at the Church of England School and later at Rawlins Grammar School. He had worked all his life at M Wright and Sons Ltd., Quorn Mills, and retired as a foreman weaver at the age of 70. Prior to his retirement he was presented with a gold watch to mark his 50 years with the company.

During the first world war he was not passed fit for military service but nevertheless became a special constable until the 1940s and received a long service medal and bar.

He was married in 1917 at Barrow Methodist Church to Miss Lois Jordan. His wife previously lived in Barrow and played the organ at the Methodist Church. The couple lived in Barrow after their marriage but after one year moved to Quorn. His son recalls how his father was often out at meetings every night of the week and sometimes had two or three on the same night. He also added that his mother had never complained but encouraged her husband in this work.

The funeral service took place last Friday at Quorn Baptist Church and was followed by burial in Quorn Parish Churchyard. The service was conducted by Pastor P A Cooper

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