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V.T.C. walking contest - 1916

Loughborough Monitor - 3rd August 1916

V.T.C. walking contest
Quorn beat Mountsorrel

The 21 competitors in the VTC walking contest on Saturday between the Quorn and Mountsorrel VTC found the weather quite warm enough for their purpose, but only two failed to finish the course. In the previous contest earlier in the month, Quorn were not up to strength and consequently were bound to lose, but Saturday's contest brought together an equal number from each company, with a Leicester man to make the 21.

The course started from the Green, Mountsorrel, to Rothley House, through Rothley, back round the ridge to the Green, on to the White House, Quorn, round by the Apple Tree Inn, and on to the Leicester-road, finishing at the Green, Mountsorrel. This course was said to be slightly less by a few hundred yards than the former course set, and although several of the competitors considered the distance longer, the fact was that better time was made by six minutes.

Young Leslie North, of Quorn, set the pace, and many thought that it would be too much, although North maintained his lead well throughout and increased it largely at the close, all but two managed to finish. North is only 17 years and walked well and in good style. Almost the last two in, Dodge (Mountsorrel) and Pratt (Quorn), came along the main street towards the finish neck to neck, and local rivalry was keen when Dodge sprang in front by several yards in a most effective sprint. Mr S C Packer of Leicester, the county secretary, was starter and timekeeper, and Mr R K Hull CC., and Mr F Cox were judges. The first six men in a team home won, and Quorn took six out the first eight. Pickup (of Quorn), who won first last time, was second. Details:-

1. Leslie North (Quorn), time:
1hr 8min 40sec
2. G Pickup (Quorn)
1hr 9min 10sec
3. Golland (Leicester)
1hr 13min 40sec
4. C P Mee (Quorn)
1hr 14min 30sec
5. G Hack (Quorn)
1hr 15min 5sec
6. Flanders (Quorn)
1hr 15min 12sec
7. J L Smith (Mountsorrel)
1hr 15min 55sec
8. T Simpson (Quorn)
1hr 18min 45sec
9. Lieut. Eastman (Mountsorrel)
1hr 19min 20sec
10. Hickling (Quorn)
1hr 19min 40sec
11. Moore (Mountsorrel)
1hr 19min 45sec
12. Peberdy (Mountsorrel)
1hr 20min 0sec
13. Roulstone (Quorn)
1hr 21min 10sec
14. Dean (Mountsorrel)
1hr 24min 5sec
15. C Dodge (Mountsorrel)
1hr 24min 5sec
16. Pratt (Quorn)
1hr 24min 6sec
17. Bailey (Quorn)
1hr 25min 30sec
18. Sleath (Mountsorrel)
1hr 26min 25sec
19. Clarke
1hr 30min 5sec

All the Quorn men finished the course, which was about 7 and a half miles.

 Submitted on: 2011-01-04
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1123
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=1123
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