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Presentation to Mr Tom Dexter, of Quorn - 1957

Loughborough Monitor - November 1st 1957

There was an excellent attendance at the Quorn Old People's Fellowship Annual General Meeting, held in the Church Room, on Saturday afternoon; nearly 70 members being present.

Mr T W Shenton presided and the secretary, Mr T Dexter, gave an interesting report on the year's activities, which showed the Fellowship to be an active organisation. The additional enthusiasm in that several members spent a week at Clacton under the Old People's Holiday Scheme, proved a great success and would mean added interest in future years. Efforts had been well supported and the summer outings most enjoyable. He paid tribute to the excellent spirit and hard work put in by the committee and helpers to maintain a continued interest.

The treasurer, Mr Harold Mee, stated there was a balance in hand of 22 (although receipts were down by 80 compared with the previous year). There was an excess of expenditure over income of 32 during the past year and he hoped this would only last for a limited period. The reasons given for a low income was that both the annual whist drive and exhibition did not, for various reasons, take place and one of the first duties of the new committee would be to examine the situation.

It was also stated that donations from the public were down; and the treasurer stated that this might be due to lack of publicity. Donations were a very important item towards maintaining a Fellowship of strength and they would always be most acceptable by any member of the committee. Finally, Mr Mee expressed his thanks to those regular contributors without whose help the work of maintaining a Fellowship of aged folk could not go on.

After an excellent tea, the chairman gave an interesting survey of the life of the Association and made particular reference to the outstanding work of Mr T Dexter, who had decided after eleven years of faithful service as president/secretary, to relinquish his duties. It was a great blow to the Fellowship; although they were delighted that he would continue as their president and an enthusiastic member. In recognition of his work and faithfulness; the Fellowship had donated a sum of money from every member; and Mrs Sam Chamberlain, one of the oldest members, presented Mr T Dexter with a book ("The Call and the Chosen") and a fountain pen; whilst a further gift had yet to be purchased from the balance.

Mr Dexter stated how very much he treasured their kindness - he had always found his secretarial duties comparatively easy and now he had come across the hardest job of all - giving ghe work up; and conveying his absolute gratitude of their love and affection. He was happy to know that the Fellowship had "caught the spirit he had always wanted them to have" and so they had grown up into a flourishing and united organisation of friends.

He made special mention of his successor, Miss Dorothy Selvester, whilst with Mrs S Bowler as her assistant, he knew they would continue to prosper.

Officials: Chairman: Mr T W Shenton; hon. secretary, Miss Dorothy Selvester; assistant hon. secretary, Mrs S Bowler; hon. treasurer, Mr H Mee; committee: Rev L Worsnip (foundation member), Miss D Harris, Miss F Campbell, Miss Sutton, Mrs A Rennocks, Mrs T Evans, Mr S Bailey and Mr T Broom.

The photograph shows left to right: Mr Tom Broom, Miss D Selvester, Mr Tom Dexter, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs R Bowler, Mr T W Shenton (chairman)

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