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Tuesday 26th October 2021  

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Quorn Allotment Society - annual meeting 1925

Loughborough Monitor and Herald - January 15th 1925

Allotment Society, Ltd

The annual meeting was held in the Mill's Institute on Thursday, Mr J H Johnson presiding over a good attendance. The secretary read his report of the past year's work, which stated that the receipts were 54 12s 8d against 55 9s. The society had 13 entrants for the Loughborough and District Allotments Council garden competition. Two members were successful in securing fourth and fifth places, and of 70 entries for the district eight members secured prizes.

The society again entered for the General Spears Shield, which was won and the thanks of the society were due to Messrs Grewcock, Pilkington, Camp, Sutton, Flanders, Orton and Russ, who staged the exhibits, and also to the allotment holders who gave their produce for the exhibit to be sold for Loughborough Hospital, the total receipts being nearly 30. A satisfactory feature was the fact that few complaints regarding thefts from allotments had been received. Four gentlemen had offered prizes for Quorn gardens.

Notice had been received to quit the Church Hill Allotments, and the committee had given careful consideration as to their purchase, and had asked the advice of the A.O.S. The price was, however, too high, and the matter had to be dropped.

The balance sheet showed an increase in the bank balance on the year's working of 7s 1d. The balance of the trading account had been slightly reduced, due to the price of potatoes being raised after the order was placed. The allotment account was in a flourishing condition, a deficit of 4 19s 4d being turned into a balance of 7 19s 2d.

The secretary tendered his thanks to the committee for the help they had given, and also for weighing out the potatoes, free of cost, to the Society. The election of officers was as follows: President, Mr J H Johnson; treasurer, Mr J Thornton; secretary, Mr W Swinfield. Six nominations were received for four vacancies on the committee, and after a ballot the following were elected: Messrs Russ, Grewcock, T Sutton for four years, and A Pell for one year.

Thanks were passed to the gentlemen who staged the hospital exhibit, to those who gave produce, and to the gentlemen who gave prizes for the gardens, the same gentlemen having again promised to give prizes this year.

 Submitted on: 2010-12-31
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1094
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