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Wednesday 28th July 2021  

Quorn Baptist Church Outing c1952

Front row - Left to right: Miss Edie Turlington, Mrs Julia Collington, Mrs Worsnip, Miss Lucy Turlington.

Back row - The gentleman is the Rev Worsnip and the lady standing next to him is Miss Betty Bumpus.

Bron Worsnip who supplied this photograph remembers that the Collington/Turlington sisters lived at 1 Farnham Street and used to take him and his brother David to Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill. They called them Aunts.

Mrs and Miss Bumpus, we think, were the caretakers for the church.

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 Submitted on: 2010-10-27
 Updated on: 2011-03-28
 Submitted by: Bron Worsnip, additional information from Anthony Cove, Margaret Izzard and Maurice Turlington
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