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Friday 30th July 2021  

Baptist Church Garden Party c1950

This picture was supplied by Bron Worsnip and shows a group of Quorn village residents at the Baptist Church garden party, the first of a number over the following years, probably taken between 1948 and 1952. The photograph was taken in the garden of Mr and Mrs Millman who lived on Buddon Lane, Quorn.

1 - Elsie Johnson
2 Peter Johnson
10 - Ron Gamble (we think, can anyone confirm?)
13 Revd Lesley Worsnip
16 Mr Hall, the grocer
18 Mrs Turner
21 - Mr Millman
24 Mrs Millman
32 Frank Mee, son of Wilfred Mee. He was an organist.
39 - Rennie Baum (mother of Christine)
43 Walter Turner
45 Phyllis Worsnip
46 Christine Baum
49 Stewart Turner
50 - Dorothy Orson (lived on Farnham Street)
54 - Wilfred Mee, the Baptist Church organist
70 Phillip Gamble
71 Bron Worsnip
79 David Worsnip

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 Submitted on: 2010-10-15
 Submitted by: Bron Worsnip
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