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Friday 30th July 2021  

Quorn Old Time Dance Club 1951

The dance photograph is of the Quorn Old Time Dance Club at their 1951 annual dance at Shelthorpe Hotel in Loughborough. The hotel was on the corner of Park Road (Shelthorpe Road) and Ling Road. It was also known as the Bull's Head and after that became a Macdonalds restaurant and drive through.

Quorn Old Time Dance Club was held each Tuesday in the Village Hall and run by Mr and Mrs Hall. Mrs Hall is the lady kneeling down with the bouquet and Mr Hall is to her left. Mrs Toller is to the immediate left of Mr Hall, and second left to her is Mrs May Cove. Mr and Mrs Hall lived at 14 High Street and ran a grocery shop (next to the Old Bulls Head). May Cove ran a hairdressers next to Quorn Court.

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