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Saturday 15th May 2021  

Quorn Old People's Fellowship

Thought to be taken in the kitchen of the Church Rooms, date unknown.

Information contributed by Alan Wastnage:
Front row right (with teapot) Mrs Edna May Wastnage, my mother, a long standing helper and latterly member of Quorn Old People's Fellowship. My father, James Carter Wastnage, was Treasurer for very many years.

Information contributed by Mike Sharpe:
3rd from the right is my Mother Phyllis Sharpe (nee Blackshaw) who died in 2009. She is a helper in this photograph and subsequently became a member of Quorn Old People's Fellowship for many years.

Information contributed by Judith Archdale
At the back on the left - Mrs Whitlock
In front of her - Kath Long
At the back in the middle - Mrs Commons
Part hidden by Mrs Wastnage is Mrs Waterfield

This gives us left to right on the photograph:
?, Mrs Whitlock, Kath Long,?, Mrs Commons, Phyllis Sharpe (nee Blackshaw), Mrs Waterfield, Mrs Edna May Wastnage

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 Submitted by: Peter Long. Updated by Alan Wastnage and Mike Sharpe.
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