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Thursday 7th December 2023  

Quorn National Fire Service

The Quorn National Fire Service pictured outside The White Horse.

This photograph is the same as Artefact 1356, however both have been included because the quality of this version is better, although Artefact 1356 shows more of the vehicle and the background.

In the front seats are Arthur Horsley and Fred Long (driver). The team were originally told that in the rear seats are Wilf Axten, Bill Wardle and Syd Wisehall. However at one of the museum's exhibitions in 2011, the team were told that the gentleman in the middle, in the back is definitely Jack Harper from Sarson Street. It was one of his nieces who gave this information and said that her uncle had the photograph up in his house.

The vehicle is a 1928 Vulcan, owned by Mr. Long, and towed a Coventry Climax Fire Pump. The position of the spare wheel meant that there was no driver's door, so the driver had to climb in over the back.

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