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Tuesday 26th September 2023  

Men's Institute for Quorn - to brighten village life 1925

Loughborough Monitor and Herald - 1st October 1925

A very laudable effort is being made at Quorn to provide the village with a room in which men can meet and enjoy social intercourse in various forms. A site had been secured in Meeting Street on which it is proposed to erect a modest building to cost 600, and towards this sum 200 has already been raised locally. It is to be a one storey building, providing a room 40 feet by 20 feet, constructed in red brick, roofed with red asbestos tiles.

The idea is to arrange the room so that it may be divided into two portions by a moveable partition. Membership of the Institute will be opened to all the village. As has been stated the start of the concern is quite a modest one, but it is hoped that it will prove popular enough to warrant extension. There is plenty of ground near by for enlargement, and if the success of the scheme eventually warrants the making of tennis courts and bowling greens, there will be no difficulty in extending the site.

The scheme is an admirable one, and is a further indication of a spirit which has been recently growing in the village to make it a more attractive place for residents, a place where a hearty community life will increasingly develop.

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