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Friday 2nd June 2023  

Brutal Prizefighting Contest

Morning Chronicle - 4th January 1817

A correspondent at Quorn, Leicester states that Robertson the Black (not Robinson, known in the London ring) fought a very severe battle on the meadows of the Leicester canal, a few miles from Quorn, on Monday last, with one Harry Higgins, a grazier's servant, and a resolute sturdy fellow of 14 stone.

Robertson had lately landed at Liverpool, and he was beat a short time since by Luke Gray, a Yorkshire man, after having palmed himself throughout the West Riding as Robinson who fought Carter. He was beat in that instance Blackee again sustained defeat, although he fought bravely. This battle lasted 40 minutes, and although our informant adds, a clean fighter of inferior weight could have beat either, yet they gave and took with much obstinacy, and one was hit down in every round. Blackee shifted his eyelids at the latter part of the battle to get sight, and he ran in and fought at shadows. His adversary got a row of teeth loosened.

The winner got 10 guineas, and Robertson two for their morning's diversion.

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