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Melancholy death of a Gentleman

Loughborough Advertiser - July 3rd 1873

On Sunday evening last the inhabitants of Quorndon were shocked with the intelligence that Mr John Sarson, of Soar House was missing, and that there were fears of his having come to a sudden death. These conjectures were painfully realised by the discover of the body of the deceased gentleman in the river, which skirts the bottom of the field adjoining the house.

The most profound regret and sympathy is manifested by all who knew him ? amongst whom while living he was held in high esteem. As may be inferred, from the evidence given at the inquest, the deceased had, for some time, been suffering from bodily pain, and the few days prior to his death, from absence of mind, brought about by loss of rest. The verdict of the jury is the only one that they could give in accordance with the evidence. The inquest was held on Tuesday morning at the house of Amos Sheffield*, before J Gregory Esq, coroner and a jury.

Miss Annie Sarson, niece of the deceased, had resided with him during the last six months. On Saturday evening she noticed an absence in his mind, and a difference in his demeanour. She retired to rest about ten o'clock, and after being in bed about an hour heard her uncle go out at the kitchen door; but as this was his custom no notice was taken. Not appearing, however, at breakfast on Sunday morning she, together with the housekeeper, went to his bedroom and found it empty, the bed having been slept on over the bed-clothes. After waiting some further time, friends were called in, and towards evening it was resolved to drag the river, when the body of the deceased was recovered. For some time he had complained of great pain in the back, and of suffering from headache.

George Dexter* had, in conjunction with the deceased, been up several nights in attendance on a cow of deceased's, which was ill. He observed an absence of mind, and noticed that the deceased put several questions three or four times over, and observed him nervously twitching his coat. He believed him to be suffering greatly from want of rest.

William Higgs, police constable of Quorndon, deposed to having received information of the deceased being missing, and to being present when the body was recovered, which was in a direct line from the house. A purse containing about 4, and other matters, were found in the pockets of the deceased.

The jury returned an open verdict, that the deceased had been "found drowned; but under what circumstances there was not sufficient evidence to show"

Deceased was a director of the Gas Company and the Building Society, and took an active interest in village movements. His place will not soon be filled up, nor the memory of him be lost.

* (from 1871 census) Amos Sheffield was a beer seller who lived in Barrow Street (Station Road). George Dexter, snr was a farmer of 16 acres also living in Barrow Street.

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