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Sunday 16th May 2021  

The Kaye House, Quorn

In 1691 Charles Farnham succeeded, under the will of his cousin Mrs Margaret Kaye, to her house in Meeting Street. From this date until 1820 the house was used as the family residence instead of the ancient Over Hall. George F Farnham, author of Quorndon Records (1912)states:

"it is difficult to understand how Charles Farnham could prefer an ugly modern house in the street to his ancient home on a more desirable site, to say nothing of the interest attaching to the house in which his ancestors had lived for generations, but probably the modern house was in a much better state of repair than the older one".

In 1747 his son, Edward pulled down the old Over Hall and converted the site into a farmhouse and yards until the present house was built in 1818.

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