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Quorn Parish Council Meeting 1936 - Dirty Milk, Jubilee seats and Footpath complaints

Loughborough Echo - January 10th 1936

Quorn Council and milk samples - What is "dirty milk"?
At a meeting of the Quorn Parish Council on Tuesday, in reply to a question by Mr Emerson, the chairman, Mr F Draper, said the matter of the Quorn and Mountsorrel boundaries had been settled quite amicably by the Boundaries Committee and all that was needed now was ratification by the County Council.

Mr Green asked if there was any more to be heard about the question of milk samples.

The chairman said it would be brought up as soon as possible. Up to now there had been so much to talk about that it had not come forward. The Rural District Council had written to say that their inspector had the matter in hand.

Mr Dexter: Our former inspector, Mr Crawshaw explained to us that the samples returned by him as "bad" had only been dirty, not otherwise unfit. He gave advice to the retailers concerned who had acted on the advice for a time and then had become slack.

Mr Emerson thought the question was one for the public analyst.

The chairman: Yes, but our inspector used to inspect for "clean" or "dirty" milk. That was an extra service which we had as an urban authority, but which we have now lost. His last report was made last summer and was most interesting.

Mr Green: Seven out of twelve of his samples were dirty, and what is dirty milk is bad milk in my opinion.

Mr Smith: Surely this is a matter for the R.D.C inspector. Couldn't we press for more frequent taking of samples? It is an important matter.

The chairman: Whatever we do we shall not get the service we had when we were our own masters.

Mr Green: Then we must see that we that we get the best we can.


Jubilee seats
The clerk read a letter from Canon Rumsey, chairman of the Jubilee Seats Sub-committee, asking if the Council were now assuming responsibility as to the fixing and paying for of the Jubilee seats in the village. As chairman of the sub-committee he had not consulted his committee but had no doubt that they, like himself, would have no objection to this course.

After some discussion it was agreed that, seeing that the Parish Council was the body that had conferred with the County Council as to the placing of the seats in the first instance, all future responsibility should be theirs.


Footpath complaints
A letter was read from the County Council referring to complaints about the bad state of the footpath in Station Street.

The clerk of the C.C., Mr Lucas Rumsey, said that he was in communication with the county surveyor. The estimates for 1936 included the necessary repairs.

Mr Smith considered this a most unsatisfactory reply and Mr Swinfield reported that another lady had fallen down on the path only recently.

Mr Dexter asked when the County Council were going to finish the alterations in Barrow Road.

The chairman: I hope the representatives of the Press will note these complaints.

Mr Emerson: A lady had a bad fall only the other night at the corner of Farnham Street.

Mr Dexter: "I think we should acknowledge the County Council's letter re Station Street and tell them that the footpath needs immediate attention.

The chairman: Yes, and tell them that we do not hold ourselves responsible for the suggested shortcomings of the late Urban District Council.

A letter from the office of the Lord Lieutenant of the County was read in answer to an appeal from the Quorn Council for a resident magistrate in the village. It was stated that the Council's appeal would be sent to the proper authority.

The chairman: The Lord Lieutenant's office moves in a mysterious way its wonders to perform.

Present: Messrs F Draper (chairman), W H Bream (vice-chairman), T C Dexter, C Smith, J H Price, W S Swinfield, J G Emerson, W S Green, and Hillier Northage (clerk)

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