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Friday 30th July 2021  

Desecration of churchyard

Deanery Magazine - 5th September 1941

Protest by Vicar of Quorn
Desecration of churchyard

In the Deanery Magazine for September, the Rev W E Pilling, Vicar of Quorn, writes: - "Our churchyard is one of the most beautiful for miles around. Its approaches to the Church have earned unstinted admiration from visitors, and its peace and loveliness are felt by all who enter it.

Truly it is God's garden, where hundreds of His faithful children have found their last resting-place. It is the Garden most dear to us, and calls out our reverence and commands our care. The ancient footpath from Woodhouse to the Mother Church At Barrow passes through our churchyard, and has been used by the faithful for generations. And now what do we find in this year of grace 1941? Some careless, unthinking, irreverent people use God's garden for their dogs. Gravestones are befouled and the turf is scratched up. It is used as a by-pass by cyclists and even by motorists. Have we no conscience? Probably those who read these words will fell as outraged as I do, and will wish to set things right. But we must have boldness and action,. Be on the look-out and speak out when you see abuse. Let no one say it is not his business. God's Garden is entrusted to us and we must keep it beautiful and peaceful. We owe it to them we have 'loved and lost awhile,' but most of all we must one render an account to our God."

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