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Tuesday 30th November 2021  

Sunday School outing at Quorn Fields Farm 1897

Quorn Fields was a farmhouse standing in the fields between the Soar and the main road from Loughborough. Today it is at the very end of Flesh Hovel Lane. It was erected after the Enclosure awards in the later eighteenth century.

The caption reads: Centre row (third from left) is Mrs. John Moss, while seated on her left is her daughter Jennie. Behind Jennie at back is Florence Moss (later Mrs. Coltman).

This updated information has been supplied by Paul Moss:

My great grandfather was Percy Moss. He and his father John Moss farmed at Quorn Fields.

The lady to Mrs John Moss' right is possibly Frances (Fanny) Moss, Percy's wife. As far as I am aware, John and Elizabeth Moss did not have a daughter called Jennie, only Annie and Florence. The only Jennie I have come across is one of Fanny's sisters. Also, Florence married in 1895 so she was already Mrs Coltman and was later to become Mayor of Loughborough.

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