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Thursday 30th May 2024  

Cutlery from the Bullís Head, Quorn, 1930s

Up until 1939 the ĎBullís Headí in Quorn was located at what is now 18 High Street (see Artefact 244). In 1939 the licence was taken over by the building we know today (2023) as The Quorndon Fox.

This 'Bull's Head, Quorn' silver plated cutlery was made by Elkington & Co, who were founded in 1815 and invented the electroplating process. They were suppliers to royalty and prestigious shipping liner companies including Cunard. The company operated independently until 1963.

The date letter on the fish knife is a ĎBí in a shield, which indicates a date of 1938 and the spoons have a ĎDí in a shield which is 1939. The style of the cutlery is Art Deco and was most likely bought for the opening of the Bullís Head in its new premises. The spoons are almost as big as tablespoons and fish knives today are rarely used. All of these implements show signs of having been very well used.

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