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Friday 30th July 2021  

Quorn VE Day Party - Freehold Street Children, May 1945

It was announced on Monday 7th May 1945 that the war in Europe was going to end the next day. Children were given two days off school and every street in Quorn either had its own street party, or had a joint celebration with others.

The party in the photograph was held for all the children living in Freehold Street at the time.

1. Marion Brown (maybe)
2. Christine Baum
4. Sylvia Marshall
5. Eileen Harrold
6. Janet Warren
9. Trevor Newton who lived at 18 Freehold Street
13. Mrs Marshall
15. Mrs Perkins
16. Mrs Birkin
17. Dorothy Birkin
19. Annie Harrold is standing at the head of the table (with a headscarf).

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