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Tuesday 16th August 2022  

Quorn Primitive Methodist Chapel, Meeting Street Then and now

Nationally the Primitive Methodists broke away from the Wesleyan Methodists in about 1810. Their aim was to preserve a simpler form of Methodism, focusing more on lay people and the rural poor. In Quorn the Primitive Methodists opened their chapel on Meeting Street in 1820 at what is now 83 Meeting Street. It existed for over 100 years and closed as a Chapel in 1923. After this it was used as the local Adult School and afterwards as headquarters for Quorn British Legion, before being converted to a normal house.

The older photograph was taken in 1917 and a small notice board can be seen to the right of the door.

Since then the roof shape has been altered, the downstairs windows have been made smaller (in height) and the brickwork has been rendered.

 Submitted on: 2022-05-29
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman and Philip Thornborow
 Artefact ID: 2498

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