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Friday 30th July 2021  

Hilda and Mary Harper, Leicester Road, 27th May 1941

Looking down Leicester Road from outside no 14, which is roughly where the entrance to Weavers Close is today. Artefact 1268 shows more of the street scene and the wall against which the girls are standing.

The two girls are sisters Hilda M Harper (on the left) and Mildred Mary Harper (known as Mary), born in 1924 and 1926 respectively. At the time of this photograph (1941) they were living at 14 Leicester Road with their sister, Lillian Maud Harper (known as Maud) and their grandmother Harriett Harper. The girls’ parents, James and Alice Harper, died of TB in 1928 and 1929 when the children were very young and they were brought up by their paternal grandparents, who at that time lived in Buddon Wood House. This was a cottage down a track off Wood Lane inside Buddon Wood, where Harriett and her husband John had raised their family of eleven children, and lived until about 1937 when John died. See Artefact 1945. Harriett then moved to 34 Leicester Road (Sunnyside), but by 1941 they had moved to 14 Leicester Road.

Mary (on the right) is wearing her Girl Guide unform and was obviously a patrol leader as she has two stripes on her pocket. She was also an Akela (leader) of the Quorn Cub pack, which would have been much appreciated, especially during wartime when there were few men around.

In the background can be seen a sign for ‘The Majestic Fish Restaurant’, 18/20 Leicester Road. This was run by Thomas and Nellie Adkins from the mid 1930s to the mid 1940s and was very popular. It also became a firm favourite with the American Paratroopers who were stationed in Quorn during 1944.

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