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Saturday 15th May 2021  

Retirement concert for Jack Briers, Head of Quorn Primary School, 1971

These photographs were taken on the occasion of the retirement of Jack Briers, the headmaster of Quorn Primary School in 1971. There was a concert to a packed audience in the hall of Rawlins Community College where the primary school orchestra played. The younger ones performed songs and prose dressed as pirates and Red Indians. Also included was a teddy bears’ picnic and a lion hunt.

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Photograph 1
Group of three on left, left to right: Unknown, Darren Woolley, Michael ?

Three boys in canoe at front, left to right: Maybe Leon Harvey, maybe Dean Macey, unknown.

Main group. Left to right:
Caroline Spur, Simon ?, Deborah Shepherd (just seen), Tracy Bergstrom, unknown, Paula Brown, Andrew ?, Lesley Elsmore, Elizabeth Bird, the two people behind them are unknown, Jane Turner, Charlotte Smith, Sally Stoneley, Carol Fitzgerald (maybe), Kerry Walker (turning round), Kevin McEnery, Richard Bramwell (just seen with white headdress), unknown, Paul Roberts (maybe), Janine Gartshore, Timothy Allen.

Photograph 2
Five on left, left to right: Tracy Bergstrom, Richard Bramwell, Simon ?, Deborah Shepherd, unknown

Middle five, left to right: Caroline Spur, Andrew ?, Maybe Paul Roberts, Timothy Allen, Kerry Walker

Three on right, left to right: Lesley Elsmore, Charlotte Smith, Sally Stoneley

The two bears in front, left to right: Susan Molyneux, Hayden Smith

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