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Wednesday 19th January 2022  

Air raid shelter in Quorn

World War Two started in 1939 and continued for six years. During this time there was great fear of bombs and many Quorn homes and businesses had air raid shelters built by Thompson and Gamble of 34 Mansfield Street in Quorn. See Artefact 482.

Very few of these survive but a wonderful example still exists in a private house on Cradock Drive. The house was built in 1939, so it would have been logical to have a shelter built almost immediately.

The photographs and plan below show the air raid shelter. It would have been cold and uncomfortable, but today provides useful storage space.

Learn more about the Thompson and Gamble partnership in Artefact 2390.

 Submitted on: 2020-04-24
 Submitted by: Thanks to Libbie Ball
 Artefact ID: 2382

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