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Wednesday 19th January 2022  

Quorn WW1 Roll of Honour - George Harold Lockwood

Died 3rd October 1918, aged 20
Bellenglise, France

Early days

Sarah Wilders, George’s mother, came from a long established Quorn family, so when she married William Lockwood from Loughborough in November 1895, it was natural that they got married in Quorn Church. William worked at Mountsorrel Quarry, as did Sarah’s father, and the young couple settled at what is now 13 Sarson Street, next door to Sarah’s parents, where she had grown up. George was born in 1898, he was their eldest child and only son. He was soon followed by three sisters, Hilda, Florence May and Nellie Rose, although sadly Florence and Nellie died as babies.

George went to Quorn National School on School Lane as did most children on his street. When not in school, he and his friends would have played out in the road and around the village. He lived next door to Louis Brewin (Artefact 2330), and next door but two to George Pollard (Artefact 2288). They were all similar ages, and were all killed within 18 months of each other.

The Lockwoods were still living at 13 Sarson Street in 1911, but shortly afterwards they moved to 40 Barrow Road (Church Hill Terrace).

Killed in action
After war broke out, and once he was old enough, George went off to Loughborough to enlist, as many Quorn men had already done. He joined the 1/5th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment.

George was killed in action in the second battle of the Somme in October 1918. His death is the last entry the WW1 section of the Quorn Book of Remembrance in the Church, although the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, records that he was killed on the 3rd October, rather than the 5th. He is buried in Montbrehain British Cemetery at Aisne in France.

The storm before the calm
It was tragic that towards the very end of the war so many young men were killed. Thirteen men from Quorn lost their lives on the Somme between August 1918 and the armistice in November, five of these died in two days at the beginning of October.

1) A modern photograph of 40 Barrow Road, at the corner of Barrow Road and White Street where George was living when he joined up. George’s parents, Sarah and William, continued to live there until they died in 1933 and 1942.
2) George’s entry in the Book of Remembrance held in Quorn St Bartholomew’s Church.

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