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Wednesday 19th January 2022  

Quorn WW1 Roll of Honour - Hubert Mason Moore

Died 5th September 1918, aged 24
Gavrelle, Arras, France

The Moore family on Station Road in Quorn had already been devastated by the loss of two of their boys in May 1915, but in September 1918, as the end of the war was in sight, the news came through that their youngest son, Hubert Mason Moore had been killed in France.

The autumn of 1918 was a terrible period for losses, and at the same time as the Moores were dealing with their grief, the White family, on Loughborough Road, were also suffering, after finding out that their son Charles had been killed just four days before Hubert. This was their second loss, as their youngest son Frank White had died on the same day, in the same battle as Dan and Billy Moore.

The similarities and magnitude of the losses for these two devastated Church-going families, led them to donate a stained glass window on the North wall of Quorn St Bartholomew’s Church, which commemorates the lives of their five brave boys.

The inscription reads:
“To the Glory of God and in proud and loving memory of Charles Kirbell White, Frank Cuthbert White, Daniel Moore, William Moore, Hubert Mason Moore, who together with many comrades from this village, fell in the Great War, this window is erected by their Parents, George White and Mary Ann his wife; and William Moore and Ann Mary his wife.”

William and Ann Moore were both buried in St Bartholomew’s Churchyard when they died in the 1930s, and their headstone also commemorates the lives of Dan, Billy and Hubert. The stone, though now weathered with age and fallen over, can still be seen and reads:
“In loving memory
Ann Mary wife of William Moore died Jan 3rd 1931 aged 75 years
Also of William Moore husband of the above died Aug 9th 1937 age 83 years
Also of Daniel 1915 aged 25 years
William 1915 aged 23 years
Hubert Mason 1918 aged 24 1918
Sons of the above
Killed in the Great War
Also remembering their son Percy died 1972 and their daughter Agnes Mary died 1964.”

The Moore and White brothers are also commemorated on the Rawlins Rolls of Honour, Artefact 2261 and Artefact 2262.

See also Artefact 2293 for more information about the Moore family and the loss of brothers Dan and Billy Moore.

1) The stained glass window in St Bartholomew’s Church.
2) The Moore family grave headstone in St Bartholomew’s Churchyard.
3) A close-up of the tribute at the bottom of the stained glass window.

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