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Wednesday 28th February 2024  

Quorn Brownies, early/mid 1960s

Quorn Brownies in the early/mid 1960.

Can anyone provide any more names?

5- Elaine Cottell
8 - Rachel Lord
9 - Dorothy Bennett
10 - Lesley Fletcher
12 - Susan Kitchen now Susan Widdowson
14 - Christine Pearson
16 - Kathleen O'Neill
22 - Ruth Moretti (unsure of exact spelling)
25 - Jane Pearson now Jane Cottle
26 - Lynn Routley now Lynn Kelly

 missing information Missing information: Can anyone provide any more names?
Please email us at: team2024@quornmuseum.com
 Submitted on: 2019-01-26
 Submitted by: Val Seal and Judith Archdale (both nee Field). Additional information from Rachel Lord.
 Artefact ID: 2057
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