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Friday 14th June 2024  

Tower at the side of the Quorndon Fox

In the back garden of the building that is now the Quorndon Fox, on the north-west boundary, there is a two storey brick tower. Inside are the remains of detailed wall decorations, made of shells and stones.

Over the years, Quorn Place (as it was once called), has been a coaching inn, a private house, a nursing home, and since 1939 it has been a pub. For many years there has been a story in the village that the tower was once used as a lookout tower, to see coaches approaching the inn along the main road.

This is highly unlikely. The tower is set back almost 100 yards from the road, which means that it is impossible to see anything approaching from the south and it only gives an extremely poor view of anything coming from Loughborough. It is almost certain that the tower was built as a folly, to add amusement and interest to the garden when it was a private house.

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