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Thursday 30th May 2024  

St Barts Primary School orchestra, 1952-53

Back row, left to right: John Prevost, Ann England, Gloden Horbury, Brian Holden, Janet Fortesque, Maureen Gamble, Homer Grant, David Callaghan, Monica Patrick, Jacqueline Steel, James Chamberlain, Denise Allen, Christine Palmer, Marion Gamble.

Front row, left to right: Marion Sharpe, Christopher Sharp, Susan Illiffe, Gloria Allen, Margaret Monoghan, Marie Taylor, Neville Edwards, Graham Pervin, Peter Wilcox, Joe Brewin, Judith Bellairs, Veronica Lee, Susan Palmer, Jennifer Warren.

 Submitted on: 2016-09-13
 Submitted by: Chris Sharp
 Artefact ID: 1943
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