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Tuesday 27th February 2024  

Fundraising for Quorn Church Rooms - garden fete accounts, 1923 to 1927

The Church Rooms were built in 1929, but the construction was preceded by several years of determined fundraising. One of these efforts was an annual summer garden fete and sale of work. The four sheets in the image show accounts from the event between 1923 and 1927. Below are the profits for each year and the total of the fund afterwards.

30th June 1923 profit 255, total in fund 415
11th July 1925 profit 130, total in fund 748
26th June 1926 profit 69, total in fund 875
25th June 1927 profit 35, total in fund 967

The accounts were drawn up by Mr Ernest C Laundon, who was the voluntary treasurer. He lived at 29 Leicester Road (The Limes) and was a manager at Wright's factory.

Surnames mentioned in the accounts (in alphabetical order) are:
Adams, Allen, Bailey, Bishop, Bradley, Brown, Burrows, Butler, Facer, Felthouse, Fewkes, Firr, Flanders Hartopp, Hickling, Hole, Hood, Horspool, Joiner, Martin, Nail, Parker, Platts, Pochin, Rumsey, Smith, Suffolk, Sutton, Toller, Tyler, Unitt, Walton, White.

See Artefact 1865 for an account of the fete in 1927, taken from the Loughborough Monitor and Herald.

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