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Friday 30th July 2021  

Rawlins Grammar School, Quorn, Christmas 1947

This photograph shows pupils, teachers and a few visitors enjoying a Punch and Judy show at Rawlins Grammar School Christmas party in the Farnham Hall in 1947. This was the last year before Rawlins became an ‘all girls’ school. As a result, a number of the boys were sent by the Education Authority to Loughborough Grammar. David Mee remembers that they considered themselves to be very fortunate as it was normally a fee paying school.

Can you provide any more names?

1. Miss Joy Brockhurst, later Mrs Henbest (teacher)
3. Mr Dalton Murray (Head Master)
8. Pat James
22. Tim Wykes
24. Anne Peaty
26. Lilian Ingram
27. Maureen Hardy
31. Mr Jacques (teacher)
36. Maureen Shuter
38. Roger Farndon
39. Gill Smith
40. Beverley Henson
41. Leila Baylis
47. Pauline Burrows
48. Christine Ward
49. Roger Ward - Roger, can you please contact Anthony Cove! Message left 7/6/2014
51. Ruth Berry? (can anyone confirm?)
54. Anthony Cove
60. Muriel Copson
62. Rosemary Archer
64. Carol Hill
66. Barbara Gamble (or maybe Mary Lawrence?)
69. Elaine Astill
70. Carol Reeve
72. David Bunney
73. David Mee
74. Mick Thomas
76. Kenneth Hickling
79. David Murray
80. Tony Fewkes

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