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Friday 30th July 2021  

1st Quorndon and 1st Rothley Scout Band

This unique photograph from either 1919 or 1920, was taken on the Farnham family estate in Quorn.

Left to right the boys are:
Standing: Albert Simpson, Albert Brown (Rothley), Wilf Bradshaw (Quorn), Len Taylor, ?
Seated: ?, ?, Wilf Lee (Quorn), William George Howlett (Quorn), Steve Waite (Quorn)

The Scout Master at this time (not in the picture), was Ted Stocks who lived on Barrow Road.

It has always been commonly believed that 1st Quorn Scouts, were so depleted by losses during WW1, that after the war 2nd Quorn Scouts was formed, and that as a mark of respect, the name '1st Quorn' was not used again. The date on the photograph appears to contradict this story.

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