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Tuesday 26th September 2023  

33 and 35 Buddon Lane, Quorn – now demolished

This pair of semi detached houses were situated at the bottom of Buddon Lane on the right-hand side. The house on the left was number 35 and known as Brooklands, the house on the right (no 33) was called Red Mays.

The photograph was kindly provided by Olive Newton who was brought up in Brooklands. Her mother Doris Mary Newton moved into the house in 1926, aged 14 with her own mother, (Olive’s grandmother), after her father had been killed in the war. The houses were probably new at this time. Doris went on to marry and brought up her own children in the house. Olive remembers how primitive the house was; they had gas lights, because electricity wasn’t installed until 1965. Apparently Olive’s friends at school could not believe that anyone could live without electricity!

Red Mays (on the right) was occupied by John and Sarah Maria Wesley (nee Dexter). They had started their married life on Meeting Street, but are recorded in Red Mays in 1938. After John died, Sarah’s brother, Albert Dexter, went to live with her. Sarah died in 1969.

The two houses were always rented out and very few repairs were done over the years. Towards the end they were left unoccupied, and were finally demolished in the late 1980s.

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