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Friday 30th July 2021  

Quorn Rawlins Grammar School panoramic photograph, 1946

This 'whole school' photograph was taken at Rawlins School in 1946. At this time the school was co-educational, but it was shortly before it would become an ‘all girls’ school.

The numbered panorama has been split into three parts to aid viewing on the museum website.

Syd Robertshaw, who very kindly donated the photograph, has added names, and in some cases provided further information.

Can you name anyone else or firm up details on any of the queries? Please indicate by using the numbers and indicating if it is top row (red numbers), second row (yellow numbers), third row (green numbers), fourth row (seated on chairs - blue numbers) or bottom row (seated on the ground - pink numbers)

Names so far:

Top row (red):
13. Rona Hillman (?)
15. Betty Porter
16. Muriel Pittam (?)
20. Mona Austin
21. Doreen Roe (?)
23. Jean Moores
33. Sylvia Himan – Sylvia was the organiser of the Rawlins 1940 to 1947 reunions, which she ran for 10-15 years. At the time of writing (2013), she lives in Loughborough.
35. Kathleen Morgan – her parents had a general grocery store next to the old Bulls Head pub on High Street (probably no. 14)
55. June Bostock
61. ? Nurse
62. John Mee
63. Syd Robertshaw
64. Andrew Patterson – known as ‘Drew’
65. Eric Roper
66. John Thomas
68. John Slater
69. Michael Thomas (of the show business/amusement arcade family)
70. Derek Hampson
72. Brian Towel
73. Bryan Organ, famous portrait painter & godfather to Prince Harry

Second row (yellow):
15. Philip Bumpus
21. Norman Bloodworth
22. ? Geery (maybe)

Third row (green):

Fourth row (seated on chairs - blue):
5. David Halford - became an electrician with a shop and workshop next to the White Hart, died 1990
7. Pat Spence - brilliant at everything including sports. Married a classmate.
8. Don Miller - a Quorn lad
9. Eric Halford - a Quorn lad
12. Bill Taylor
14. Howard Poole – prefect
15. Harry Cook – prefect and a Quorn lad
21. Mr Jacques – deputy head
22. Mr Alan Dalton Murray – headmaster, later joined the Church
23. Miss Mountney – affectionately known as ‘Maggie’
24. Miss Graham (?)
25. Miss Brocklehurst
Numbers 28 to 32 seem to be wearing prefect badges
32. Heidi Schnable
Numbers 33 to 43 are wearing blouses instead of tunics. This indicates that they were in the 5th form (what would be known as year 11 today)
34. Pat Derby
35. Mary Webster
36. Margaret Lay
37. Elaine Clark
38. Freda Hoskins
40. Jean Foulds
41. Celia Hives
48. Judy Dormon – Quorn carnival queen in 1945
49. Doreen Smart

Bottom row (seated on the ground - pink):
1. Lilian Ingram
2. Maureen Hardy
6. Carol Hill
8. Edith Mitchell
10. Elaine Coltman
15. Pamela Astill
16. Leala Balis, daughter of Quorn farmer
17. Jean Kirkman
19. ? Blackwell
20. Jean Coltman
24. David Murray [Head's son]
25. Jack Proctor (of Proctors Pleasure Park)
27. Roger Ward [please get in touch with Anthony Cove!]
28. Christopher Friend, son of the Matron at Quorn Hall
29. ? Pickering
31. Kenneth Hickling, [lived at Quorn Fields Farm]
32. Anthony Cove - his mother ran the Ladies Hairdressers at 22 High St
39. Dr Timothy Wykes, son of local GP
40. ? Taylor,

There are similar panoramic photographs on the museum site, taken in different years.

 missing information Missing information: Can you identify anyone else in this photograph?
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 Submitted on: 2013-06-15
 Submitted by: Syd Robertshaw, additional names from Anthony Cove
 Artefact ID: 1787

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