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Friday 30th July 2021  

St Bartholomew's Primary School, Quorn, 1974

This photograph is Mrs Laurie's first-year infants class at St Bartholomew's Primary School in 1974. The school had recently moved to its new premises on Willowcroft.

Back row, left to right: Mrs Laurie, Clive Duckering, Edmund Harvey, David Gretton, Aaron Thomas, Jeremy Smith, Julian Porter, ?, Stuart Gilliver

Middle row, left to right: Stuart Cameron, Daniel Furniss, Alison Hopkins, Jackie Finney, Sharon Geary, Sarah Elliot, Dawn ?, Alison Wilson, Claire Rowlinson,
Sadie Buckingham, Paul Pheasant and Mathew ?

Front row, left to right: Vicki Whitworth, Laura Kinch, Aileen Fowkes, Sharon Herbert, Charlotte Wright, Debbie Southam, Louise Neale, Sarah Taylor, Paula Wisehall

Sitting on the floor, left to right: Paul Kendall, Keith Burns.

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