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Friday 30th July 2021  

St Bartholomew’s Primary School, Quorn – 1976

This is Miss Mains class at St Bartholomew's primary school. The photograph was taken on 25th June 1976, shortly after the school moved from School Lane to its present site on Willowcroft.

Top Row, left to right: Richard Sharp, Paul Roberts, Christopher Elliott, Carole Fitzgerald, Lorraine Ward,
John Kirk

Second row, left to right: Kevin McEnery, Trevor Burton,
Joanne Inglesant, Gary Paggett, Michael Thresh, Elizabeth Bird, Linda Williams, Karen Stock, Miss Main

Third row, left to right: Jason Thomas, Ann Newcombe, Linda Bradshaw, Louise Hancock, Juliet Whitworth, Joanne Robertson, Graham Bonshor, Ian Brealy, Nigel Turner

Bottom row, left to right: Jonathan Brookes, Steven Hall, Julie Grant, Susan Molyneux, Andrea Pervin, Alan Southwort, Leon Harvey

 Submitted on: 2013-04-21
 Submitted by: Sue Osborn (nee Molyneux)
 Artefact ID: 1775

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