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Saturday 24th July 2021  

2nd Quorn Scouts summer camp, 1952

These photographs were taken during a kit inspection at 2nd Quorn Scouts summer camp, in North Wales, in 1952. At this time, shortly after WW2, there was an enormous surplus of army equipment, which gave Scouts and Guides all over Britain a wonderful source of camping equipment, including a seemingly endless supply of bell tents.

Top picture, left to right: ?, Bron Worsnip, ?, Arthur Paget, ?
Bottom picture, left to right: Brian Cox, Brian Gibbons (known as Chink/Ching), ?, ?, ?

Bron Worsnip, who kindly sent us these pictures, remembers that Brian Cox, together with his younger brother Graham, lived in Ďone of the big houses at the top of Meeting Streetí.

The lad next to Brian Cox had the nickname 'Chink'. Bron recalls that when Chink left school he worked on a local farm that had silage clamps in a field on the right hand side on the way to Loughborough. The clamps were large troughs dug in the ground where grass and molasses was put in and covered up. In the winter the 'mature' silage was use as fodder to feed the cattle. Chink drove the tractor together with a trailer full of silage, that frequently went past Bronís house. Bron can still remember the sweet, pungent and cloying smell that was left behind.

Bron was too young to be a scout at the time of this camp, but as both his parents were helping to run the camp, he was taken along and took part. Leslie Worsnip (Bronís father) was the Group Scoutmaster from December 1951.

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