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Wednesday 12th May 2021  

Scout Entertainment At Quorn - 1914

This is an interesting report from the early years of the scouting movement which started in England in 1907

Loughborough Herald - 26th February 1914

The 1st Quorndon troop of Baden-Powell Scouts gave an entertainment at the Village Hall, Quorn, on Saturday, with the object of raising money for their troop fund. A large audience assembled, and among those present were Mr G Farnham, Mr J D Cradock, Mrs Hawkes-Woodward, Major Childers (Commissioner for North-West Leicestershire) and Mrs Childers, Major Baines, Rev H H Rumsey, Mr Murray Rumsey, Mr and Mrs Shirley Toller, District Scoutmaster F Elliott, Scoutmaster Barradell.

The programme, which was excellently carried out by the scouts, consisted of a sketch entitled "The Monkey's Surprise," given by Scouts L North, A Cart, Patrol-leader North, Scouts C Adcock, Atkin, Boyer, Lakin and Marson. A short scout comedy, "Tom, the piper's son," was played by Patrol-leader North, Assistant Scout-Master Horspool, Scouts C Adock, Boyer, Cart, Marson, Burton, Lakin, and A Adcock. Physical drill display, a display with the ingenious trek cart designed by Major Childers, songs and recitations were given by members of the troop individually and collectively, and the singing and piano playing by Leslie North was heartily applauded.

During the interval Major Childers gave a short address, in which he reminded the audience that the entire programme was the work of the scouts themselves, without any outside assistance. They were thus carrying out the principles of their scout training, namely to act and think for themselves. This movement was not trying to make their lads into soldiers, it was trying to develop their characters and make them into men - men who would someday develop into good citizens and uphold the honour of their King and country, men fit to fight the battle of life and to set an example to their fellow-countrymen by their loyalty and patriotism. It was sad to see lads now-a-days spending their spare time looking on at football matches, but never attempting to play football themselves, lads loafing about smoking filthy cigarettes, and never thinking how they could be useful or kind to other people, but only thinking of themselves. Were such lads as these going to grow up into men and citizens they would be proud of? General Baden-Powell, by his example and force of character, had proved himself a great leader, a great general, and man England was proud of. He had made the Scout movement and was going to raise an endowment fund of 250,000 and because he was a man he would succeed (Applause).

On Sunday morning the church parade was held at the Parish Church, contingents from Loughborough and Barrow joining the Quorndon troop, the whole being under the command of Scoutmasters Chell and Barradell. After the parade proficiency badges were presented to the Barrow section.

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