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Saturday 13th April 2024  

High Street cottages - a view from 1966

Father Time has left his marks on this somewhat gloomy looking group in High Street, Quorn.

Comprising two dwellings, 42 and 44 with outhouses, it stands where the road is narrowest and most winding and the traffic heaviest.

Every kind of material has been used in its construction and maintenance - brick, plaster, stone, wood, etc. The outhouses have fallen into decay; their small interior apartments are cluttered with the debris of falling ceilings, tottering walls, subsiding floors. No longer are they used for their original purposes.

You reach the doors at the front by steep steps of varied material. In the early part of our century children played "four-stones" with impunity, while the newspaper vendor, no doubt, made the door-steps his headquarters on Sunday.

This group has come a long way since it was erected probably more than 300 years ago. And it is still a home.

Museum note: These cottages were next to the White Hart, where the entrance to the pub car park is now. The cottage on the right was the last jettied building in Quorn, ie where the upper storey came out above the lower storey.

Anthony Cove tells us that this picture is actually three cottages, ie what were numbers 40 42 & 44 High Street - and continues - "when the cottages were knocked down the access to the White Hart was widened. There always was motor access to the rear of the pub with a skittle alley in the yard, which I think was burned down in 1960's".

See also Artefact 2056 and Artefact 679. Artefact 331 shows the rear view of numbers 40 & 42.

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