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Wednesday 12th May 2021  

Wrights evacuation practice - 1940

Loughborough Echo - 10th May 1940

An evacuation practice was held at Messrs Wright and Sons on Saturday last during the dinner hour. The factory has 11 air-raid shelters, of which seven are in the park and four in the factory yards, the former being about three minutes walk from the factory. The result was that some 550 employees were safe in the shelters, those in the park in five minutes and those in the factory in a minute and a half. Each shelter holds fifty persons, and a warden was in charge of each.

The warning signal was given by a system of lights in each workroom in the factory, all controlled by a main switch. The event was considered highly satisfactory and proved that in the event of an air-raid warning, there need be no cause for doubt as to the efficiency of the evacuation scheme. Everything was carried out in an orderly manner, under the direction of Mr R S Kendrick, the ARP control officer. Mr Kendrick has also a complete scheme of officers for evacuation, first-aid, fire service, decontamination etc., every shop in the factory having its officers.

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