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Tuesday 19th October 2021  

Godspell - 1986

Loughborough Echo - 4th July 1986

Hitting the high notes in Godspell are pupils from St Bartholomew's Primary School, Quorn in their end of term show.

The fourth year performed the rock musical with the backing of third years who made up the choir.

Producer of the show was teacher Mr Trevor Clegg, and Mrs Mary Letherland conducted the choir. "The pupils gave an outstanding performance," said Mr Clegg. "They told the story so well".

Thank you to Annalise Cowlishaw for the following names:

Back row (left to right, standing): Lynsey Cowlishaw, Penny Mappouras (almost hidden), Michael Finney (not completely sure on this one), Rita Barber (almost hidden), Karena Worcester

Middle row (left to right, seated): Hannah Birchall, Suzanne Phillips, Mark Farmer, Matthew Batson, Hayley Atkins, Olivia Stanley.

Front row (left to right, sitting on floor): Daniel Newnham, Jenny Ackers, Julie Leatherland, Russel Weadon

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