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Sale of Farnham land and property 1892

The poster below from 1892 is advertising a unique sale of land and property, mainly in Quorn, but including some land in the surrounding parishes. William Farnham had inherited his father Edward Basil Farnham's land, property and assets on Edward's death in 1879. William lived an extravagant lifestyle which included big game hunting, lavish entertaining, extensive additions and improvements to Quorn House and speculative investments.

Unfortunately much of this was financed by mortgages and eventually the creditors foreclosed. Land, property and other assets all had to be sold in several sales. William was eventually declared bankrupt.

In order to give some idea of the scale of this particular disposal, 700 acres is over one square mile. As an example, this twice the size of the built up area of Quorn.

The 12th October 1892 sale was advertised by posters and in the press.

Leicester Chronicle - Saturday 10th September 1892

Messrs. G. A. WILKINSON and SON.
The Important and very Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, forming the outlying portions of the Quorn House Estate, in the Parishes of Quorn, Woodhouse, and Mountsorrel, in the County of Leicester, about a mile from Barrow-on-Soar, and 2 miles from Loughborough Railway Station, comprising in all nearly Seven Hundred Acres.

Messrs. G. A. WILKINSON and SON
Are instructed
At the Bell Hotel, Leicester, on Wednesday, October 12th, at Two o'clock precisely, the above Valuable Freehold Properties, in 47 Lots, as follows :
Lots 1 to 4. Seventeen Enclosures of Pasture and Arable Land and Two Plantations, in the parish of Quorn, containing in all 128a. 3r. 5p.
Lot 5. Taycey's Barn Farm, in the parish of Quorn, containing 27a. 1r. 30p., with extensive frontage to Barrow Lane.
Lot 6. Farm House and Buildings in Quorn, let at 35.
Lot 7. Corner Plot of Building Land, with frontages to the High Road to Loughborough, and to Barrow Lane, containing 6a. 2r. 24p.
Lot 8. 2a 1r. 32p. of Allotment Lands, in Quorn.
Lot 9. Dwelling-house, with large garden, corner of Barrow Street.
Lot 10. 3a. 3r. 38p. of Building Land, known as Stafford Orchard, Quorn.
Lot 11. Capital Dwelling-house, with extensive garden, known as Orchard House, with possession.
Lots 12 to 14. Three Shops and Dwelling- houses in High-street and Meeting Street, Quorn, let at 64.
Lots 15 to 17. Eleven Cottages and Wheel-wright's Shop, in High Street, Quorn, let at 103 17s. Od.
Lots 18 to 22. Five Plots of Building and Accommodation Land, with extensive frontages to the main road, from Quorn to Mountsorrel, in all 58a. 3r. 22p.
Lot 23. 8a. 0r. 32p. of Land, in Betty Henson's-lane, let on lease as a sewage farm at 53 6s. Lots 24 to 27. 51a. lr. 22p. of Pasture Land, in Betty Hensor's Lane.
Lot 28. Farm House and Premises, in High-street, Quorn, let at 24.
Lots 29 to 32. Four Enclosures of Pasture Land, suitable for building, fronting the main road from Mountsorrel to Quorn, in all 25a. 3r. 6p.
Lots 33 to 35. 49a. 3r. 37p. of Pasture and Meadow Land, situate in main road to Swithland.
Lot 36. Rushall Field Farm, containing 44a. 1r. 24p., with good Farm House, outbuildings, and numerous enclosures of Pasture and Arable Land.
Lot 37. Angrave's Farm, containing 125a. 2r. 12p.
Lots 38 and 40. 35a. 0r. 17p. of Pasture and Arable Land, close to previous Lot.
Lot 39. Woodhouse Eaves Farm, with Farm House, &c., 82a. lr. 30p.
Lots 41 to 44. Four Plots of Building Land, with extensive frontages to the main road at Woodhouse Eaves, 27 acres 1 rood and 13 perches in all.
Lots 45 to 47- Three Cottages, Plot of Building Land, and Three enclosures of Pasture Land, in the village of Woodhouse.

Particulars, with Plans and Conditions of Sale, may be had of Messrs. Milward, the Solicitors, 41, Waterloo Street, Birmingham, and 188, Fleet Street, London : of Messrs. Lofts and Warner, Land Agents and Surveyors, 130, Mount Street, Berkeley Square ; and of
Messrs. G. A. WILKINSON and SON,
Surveyors and Auctioneers,
Wa1718 7, Poultry, London.

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