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Sunday 16th May 2021  

Sale of Farnham land and property 1892

This poster from 1892 is advertising a unique sale of land and property, mainly in Quorn, but including some land in the surrounding parishes. William Farnham had inherited his father Edward Basil Farnham's land, property and assets on Edward's death in 1879. William lived an extravagant lifestyle which included big game hunting, lavish entertaining, extensive additions and improvements to Quorn House and speculative investments.

Unfortunately much of this was financed by mortgages and eventually the banks foreclosed. Land, property and other assets all had to be sold, and William was eventually declared bankrupt.

In order to give some idea of the scale of this disposal, 700 acres is over one square mile. As an example, this twice the size of the built up area of Quorn.

 Submitted on: 2011-07-22
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman, copy of poster supplied by Don Wix
 Artefact ID: 1354

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